Friday Night Services, in-person or virtual, begin at 7:30 pm, Oneg following

Shabbat Morning Services (temporarily suspended) begin at 10:15

  • (Preliminary Service at 9:45)
  • Kiddush Lunch (temporarily suspended) followed by 1:00 Torah Study

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The Shofar, Etz Chayim’s Newsletter, June

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For information about NACHaS, the EC & TBS joint Sunday School, use the following link: 

What A Community! We painted the building together! Then breakfast was served to the painters. Thank you to all who participated in organizing us, painting, serving breakfast & cleaning up afterward!


Sukkah Construction! Thanks go out to those who helped build and decorate our sukkah this year!

Purim!  Some of the congregants (the finest actors in the land!) performed the Purim Shpiel to wide acclaim! We all enjoyed a Hot Dog Supper and delicious homemade hamentaschen!


The Great Big Challah Bake

We participated in The Great Big Challah Bake, a worldwide event for Jewish women to emphasize the significance and symbolism involved in baking challah for Shabbat. We had lots of fun and our challah turned out beautifully!





Rabbi Stephen Listfield

Since 2015, Rabbi Stephen Listfield has driven to Huntsville (or Zooms during Covid) from his home in Atlanta nine times during the year. He comes to us on Rosh Hashannah, Yom Kippur, and for seven Erev Shabbat and Shabbat morning Services. After the Shabbat Luncheon, he conducts a learning/study class. On, Sunday we have brunch with time to chat with the Rabbi.

For more about the Rabbi, see Rabbi Listfield’s Bio.