Friday Night Services begin at 7:30 pm, Oneg following.

Shabbat Morning Services (temporarily suspended unless listed in Upcoming Events) begin at 10:15

  • (Preliminary Service at 9:45)
  • Kiddush Lunch followed by 1:00 Torah Study

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We Stand with Israel!


Rabbi Stephen Listfield

Rabbi Listfield leads us in study, prayer and fellowship nine times a year, coming to us in Huntsville from his home in Atlanta.  He had a distinguished career as a full-time congregational rabbi for 40 years.  To learn about our rabbi, see his bio here



PURIM, 2024! We had over 65 people join us for our Purim Shpiel, a short Service, and the Hot Dog Supper. The Sphiel’s producers and cast did a wonderful job. The youngest actors, the ladies of the pageant, were especially adorable!


Our Family Mitzvah Day was a huge success! After a brief service, we painted rocks to give to loved ones; wrote letters to IDF soldiers; cleaned toys in our children’s room; made pizzas for our participants; and drew designs on fabric to create a community quilt. Thanks to all who joined in these activities and those who helped organize and volunteer at the various stations. A meaningful and productive day!


What A Community!

We painted the building together! Then breakfast was served to the painters. Thank you to all who participated in organizing us, painting, serving breakfast & cleaning up afterward!


The Great Big Challah Bake!

We participated in The Great Big Challah Bake, a worldwide event for Jewish women. We had lots of fun and our challah turned out beautifully!