At Etz Chayim it is has always been important job to choose a board that represents all groups in our congregation. We realize that our decisions will affect not only the current membership but the also the future of our congregation. All members of our board take our decisions seriously and with a lot of forethought. It is a very difficult job at times but incredibly worthwhile knowing that our current decisions will have an impact on our Jewish Community and beyond.  The board is governed by the Bylaws.

Here is the current leadership through June 2024. Please consider volunteering for a leadership or committee position by contacting any board or committee member.

Board of Directors

  • Lynne Edmondson, President
  • Martin F., Vice-President
  • Donna L., Corresponding Secretary
  • Kathy S., Recording Secretary
  • Joe P.,Treasurer
  • Shirley R., Board Member
  • Bob F., Board Member
  • Max R, Board Member
  • Linda K., Board Member
  • Representative from the Sisterhood
  • Representative from the Men’s Club
  • Steve G., Immediate Past President

Ritual and Religious Services Committee

  • Bill G., Chairman
  • Michelle L.
  • *Max R.
  • Gary H.
  • *Lynne E.
  • Karen H.

Education Committee

  • Vacant, Chair
  • Barry M., NACHaS Board Vice Chair
  • Karen H., NACHaS Co-Principal
  • Michelle L.
  • Michelle P.
  • Jordan P.
  • Kathy S.
  • Sarah S.

Cemetery Committee

  • Sandra W., Chairman
  • *Max R.

Budget and Finance Committee

  • *Joe P., Chairman
  • Gary H.

Building and Maintenance Committee

  • *Max R., Chairman
  • Scott H.

Membership Committee

  • Millie R., Chairman

Hospitality Committee

  • Millie R., Chairman

Social Action Committee

  • Barry M., Chairman
  • *Kathy S.

Communications Committee

  • *Donna L., Chairperson
  • Bill G.
  • Brenda L.
  • Michelle P.

Rabbi Hospitality & Oneg Committee

  • Karen F.
  • *Linda K.

Safety Committee

* Member of the Board of Directors