Very good question. The Oneg is the reception at the end of the Friday night service.  Every family or individual member is asked to do at least one Oneg a year. Sometimes two. Dates can be requested, but if you choose not to make a request then a date will be assigned to your family. Once your date has been established it is up to you to bring whatever you like.  Some people do banana splits, others do hummus and veggies. Most Onegs are dairy or Pareve.

Because our kitchen is Kosher, please take a look at our Kitchen Guidelines. Cooking should be done in our kitchen, with attention paid to the labels on the utensils: milk, meat or pareve. You can use most Publix and Costco baked goods. Also anything with an OU, Triangle K, and some other Kosher symbols on the store bought food are also fine to use.  You will need to provide paper plates, cups and utensils along with a few beverages. Please leave the kitchen in the good shape in which you will find it by cleaning and putting away any items used.

If you cannot do your Oneg for some reason, you should call a friend to see if they will switch with you. You can also drop off your food at the synagogue and someone at services will be kind enough to set it up for you. Worst case scenario, you can contact any member on the board and they will also be willing to help you out.